In July 2017, Viver Health reached a landmark of 35,000 Guides printed


When Vicki Barghout, a mother of two and a pharmaceutical executive was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2010, she embarked on a mission to find evidence-based information about foods that are medicine to battle her cancer holistically, and complement her traditional medical treatment.

After completing her treatment and being cancer free, Vicki was determined to let other survivors and the public know about her experience and how food choices have an enormous impact on the body’s ability to resist chronic diseases. Her mission turned into a passion for communicating this knowledge to help ALL forms of cancer. That passion became Viver Health, which means “life” or “rebirth,” her nutrition company. Viver Health publishes The Viver Pocket Health Guides, which are packed with tips, infographics and the very best evidence-based information Vicki and Viver Health’s medical team of experts have researched on food as medicine. All research is evidence-based, physician reviewed and approved.

In July 2017, Viver Health reached a landmark of 35,000 Guides printed and in use around the U.S. through physician offices, hospitals, and pharmaceutical sales reps to help patients overcome cancer through sound nutrition and understanding how good food choices impact health.

Viver Health currently has three Guides: Your Guide to Healthy EatingReduce Your Risk of Cancer, and Your Guide to Wellness with Stomach Cancer. All can be ordered at

Each Guide contains Viver’s “5 Simple Steps to Boost Your Health,” measures 5” by 8”, has a thick laminate for durability and is easy to transport. The Viver Pocket Health Guides are aggregated digests of all the best practices from medical published articles, books, and patient research, which are then distilled into quick-to-read formats. The Guides save users time and the information is inclusive of all facts needed for sound nutrition and overall wellness.

Viver Guides have become indispensable tools for physicians and patients around the U.S. This is what one well known breast surgeon has to say:

“Viver’s Reduce Your Risk of Cancer contains the MOST important information that I give to my patients, whether they have had cancer or are at risk for cancer. It is a scientifically-based 5-step plan for total nutrition presented as a concise, digestible guide. As a breast cancer surgeon and an integrative physician, I recommend that all women follow Viver’s 5-Step program to bring balance to their lives.”

— Dr. Beth Baughman Dupree MD, FACS, ABIHM Breast Cancer Surgeon, Vice President of Holy Redeemer Health System overseeing Surgical Services, Women’s Health, Employee Wellness and Integrative and Holistic Medicine. 

Vicki has been featured online and in print in The Daily Record, “ ‘Cheat’ sheet helps cancer patients” and participated in the TV documentary, “Breast Cancer: Survival and Hope,” which aired on ABC on Oct. 2, 2010 and won an Emmy award.