Press Release - October 24, 2016

Viver Health LLC (Morristown, NJ) in partnership with Eli Lilly and Company (NYSE: LLY) is launching a new Viver® Pocket Health Guide, ‘Your Guide to Wellness After Stomach Cancer.' This first-of-its-kind guide delivers evidence-based nutrition and lifestyle information for patients diagnosed with gastric or gastroesophageal junction (GEJ) cancers. The Guide is in an easy-to-understand, 5-simple-step format that leads patients and caregivers through healthy eating habits to support recovery. Information is tailored to meet the needs of this unique group, who often face sensory, physical, and nutritional challenges.

Brian E. Lacy, PhD, MD, Professor of Medicine and Chief of the Section of Gastroenterology at Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth said, "Cancer of the stomach or GEJ can be devastating to patients and their families. Many patients struggle with eating and have troublesome symptoms of nausea, abdominal pain, and diarrhea. Further, nutritional compromise is common in these patients. Unfortunately, there is little patient-friendly information about diet and nutrition for this group of patients who struggle with their symptoms." Lilly Oncology, a global healthcare leader, recognized the unmet need of these patients and supported production of the Viver Guide.

As Viver did with previous Pocket Health Guides® they created, the team interviewed patients with stomach or GEJ cancer and leading medical experts such as Dr Lacy, and conducted extensive and systematic scientific research. Patients universally commented that, after a life-altering diagnosis and applicable treatment, they needed to relearn how to eat and drink but conventional dietary information was no longer pertinent to them. They spent a year or more in a state of constant frustration and experimentation, and wanted an easy-to-understand yet comprehensive resource that could help to minimize some of the most common complaints.

The Guide will be launched in November 2016 during Stomach Cancer Awareness Month and will be freely available at oncology offices across the United States and at According to Dr Lacy, “This Guide represents a quantum leap in patient-centered information and provides a wealth of information that can be easily employed at home. Our hope is that this readily accessible information will improve the health of these patients and minimize burdensome symptoms.”

We anticipate the Guide will serve as an excellent resource, not only for people with stomach and gastroesophageal cancers, but also for their caregivers and extended treatment team.


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