The Case for Making Viver Integral to Disease Prevention, and Treatment

We live in an “always on, 24/7” age, with little time to absorb information that can help us stay healthy…even prevent or help conquer a chronic medical condition. Many studies have shown that dietary factors are associated with diseases, including cancer, diabetes and heart disease.


Americans have access to mountains of information about good nutrition and wellness. So why does the U. S. rank 35th in the world in terms of the health of its citizens? (Source: Bloomberg Ranking: The World’s Healthiest Countries, Feb. 2019)

At Viver, we think there’s too much information available…too many conflicting diets. Most people simply don’t have the time or inclination to read through it, are confused by it, or don’t know who to believe. That’s where Viver Health’s evidence-based, digest-style Pocket Health Guides come in. All the searching, analyzing and digging for actionable evidence-based nutrition and wellness information have been done for you by Viver Health’s team of researchers, physicians and editors led by Viver Health’s founder, Vicki Barghout – pharmaceutical executive and mother of two. Vicki’s own search for nutrition and wellness information to complement her treatment for breast cancer resulted in the creation of Viver Health.

You and your patients can believe in Viver evidence-based, digest-style Pocket Health Guides.

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  • PATIENTS: Viver Pocket Health Guides are beneficial for patients living with cancer, heart disease, diabetes and other chronic conditions, or anyone who chooses to lead a healthier life.

  • HEALTHCARE PROVIDERS: They are a smart choice for healthcare providers and healthcare systems for patient education, as a complement to treatment programs and for community outreach. For more information on how Viver can help HCPs use The Viver Guides for their patients click here.

  • HEADS OF HUMAN RESOURCES & CHIEF MEDICAL OFFICERS: Large organizations can use The Guides to inform employees about healthy lifestyle choices, and can also use Viver’s digital assets, tap our meal planning, nutritional counseling and other services to help employees become health wise. The Viver program can be customized to approach employee health awareness at a ongoing set-up.

  • HEALTH INSURERS: Health Insurers can distribute Viver Guides or license Viver’s digital assets to help their networks and clients make wise nutrition and wellness choices that can lead to a reduction in claims volume.

  • PHARMACETICAL COMPANIES: Pharmaceutical Companies with products that address chronic diseases can do as Ely Lilly did… rely on Viver to create a custom, unbranded Guide and original recipes to serve as brand ambassadors for their product(s). For more information on Viver’s capabilities to create unbranded education materials for patients click here.

More than 35,000 Viver Guides have been printed and are in use throughout the U.S. for good reason: they make a healthy difference.

Find out more about the Viver Pocket Health Guides.

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Your Guide to a Plant-based Diet: 5 Simple Steps to Reduce Your Risk for Chronic Disease

Patients and Anyone Who Opts for a Healthier Life

Individuals can easily order Viver Pocket Health Guides.

If you are recently diagnosed, undergoing treatment for cancer or recovering from the disease, you should choose Your Guide to a Plant-based Diet: 5 Simple Steps to Reduce Your Risk for Chronic Disease.

If you are living with stomach cancer, we have a Guide that can direct you to foods you can tolerate: Your Guide to Wellness with Stomach Cancer.

If you just want to lead a healthier life, and enjoy nutritious foods, Your Guide to a Plant-based Diet: Reduce Your Risk for Chronic Disease is a down payment on a healthy future.

Viver Guides also make thoughtful gifts for friends or a loved one with a chronic condition, or anyone you hold dear.


At Viver we have three rock-solid beliefs:

  1. educated patients make for healthier patients.

  2. good food is good medicine.

  3. people prefer their health information in easily digested, bit-size chunks.

If you believe as we do, then consider providing your patients with the evidence-based nutrition and wellness knowledge packed into Viver Guides. The cost to your practice is reimbursable.

Learn more about how The Viver Pocket Health Guides can help Physicians by clicking here.

Physicians who commonly supply Viver Guides to their patients are:

  • Oncologists

  • Cardiologists

  • Endocrinologists

  • Internal medicine practitioners

  • Primary care physicians

  • Physicians with integrative practices

Viver Guides are a valuable information resources for all patients, and they complement classic treatments for patients with cancer, diabetes, cardiac and other chronic conditions.

Learn more about bulk orders here.

Healthcare Systems

The era of value-based payments is likely here to stay. Provider networks are wise to use all means at their disposal to 1) minimize re-admissions and 2) generally help patients improve their health.

Viver evidence-based, digest-size Pocket Health Guides help senior leadership, physicians and staff in your organization achieve these goals. They are, of course, reimbursable.

Consider offering Viver’s Your Guide to a Plant-based Diet: 5 Simple Steps to Reduce Your Risk for Chronic Disease and Your Guide to Wellness with Stomach Cancer. to all associated oncology practices in your system.

Consider, too, encouraging all other practices – whether system-owned or independent – to distribute Viver’s Your Guide to a Plant-based Diet: 5 Simple Steps to Reduce Your Risk for Chronic Disease.

Viver Pocket Health Guides can be used as a teaching tool in on-campus classes (EG diabetes education) and for community outreach.

You can co-brand all Viver Guides distributed through your system with your logo or the names of specific practices on the back of the guide.

Learn more about bulk orders here.

Additionally, as a healthcare system, you have access to Viver’s entire service offering, including:

  • The development of original recipes to address specific disease states and/or improve on cafeteria menus. See our original recipes created for Stomach Cancer patients here.

  • The production of healthy food videos can can be delivered to patient rooms.

  • Guest speaker engagements for community outreach, as well as nutritional and wellness education for physicians and staff.

If you follow a population health strategy, The Viver team can help you achieve your goals.

HR Professionals and Corporate Medical Officers

Healthy employees are productive employees. The sole purpose of Viver, evidence-based Pocket Health Guides is promoting health through exceptional nutrition and wellness practices.

Here are four ways you can bring Viver into your organization:

  • Supply your employees with Viver’s Your Guide to a Plant-based Diet: 5 Simple Steps to Reduce Your Risk for Chronic Disease. For employees who are challenged by cancer, there’s Viver’s Your Guide to Wellness with Stomach Cancer, a work that was sponsored by Lilly US to provide nutritional assistance to this underserved population. Viver Guides can be co-branded with you company logo.

  • Utilize the services offered by the Viver Team of researchers, writers, producers and nutritionists, including customized guides, recipe videos, research articles, and educational assistance.

  • Licensing our digital assets for use on you company website,

  • Contracting with the Team to create healthy recipes for your cafeteria(s) and/or recipe videos.

Engaging our founder, Vicki Barghout, as a speaker to motivate employees with her personal story of how she used foods that are medicine to complement her treatment for breast cancer. That was in 2010. Today, Vickie remains cancer free.

For bulk orders of Viver Guides click here, or to order individual guides visit our store.

For questions about our services, email

Administrators of Self-insured Health Plans

Administrators of plans for self-insured companies have a strong incentive to recommend Viver evidence-based, pocket Health Guides and services: healthy employees can result in a reduction in claims volume and expenses.

For most employees, Viver’s Your Guide to a Plant-based Diet: 5 SImple Steps to Reduce Your Risk for Chronic Disease would be appropriate. However, for employees who are challenged by cancer, consider these two Guides for information about nutrition and wellness to complement classic treatments: Your Guide to Wellness with Stomach Cancer.

You might also recommend engaging the Viver Health’s Team for some of the services they offer.

Suggest licensing our digital assets or engaging us to create healthy food videos for use on your client’s company website,

Tap the Viver Team to create healthy recipes for the company cafeteria(s).

For bulk orders of Viver Guides click here, or to order individual guides visit our store.

For questions about our services, email

Our Services

The Viver Team of researchers, writers, experts in digital media and nutritionists led by our founder, Vickie Barghout, offers a variety of services to organizations of all sizes.

Recipe Creation – We can create original recipes for a) healthcare systems seeking to make their cafeteria and in-room meal selections healthier, b) companies who want to bring good foods that are good medicine into their cafeterias and c) pharmaceutical companies who choose to support a product with a sponsored Viver Pocket Health Guide or an entire Viver program.

Healthy Food Videos – The way to maximize the value of the recipes we create, is to place them on your website and/or on You Tube.  Our writers and video production people make the simplest recipes look delectable.

Original Content If you’re looking for a resource to provide nutrition or wellness content for your website, a blog or a presentation, Viver is the perfect, trouble-free and affordable resource.  We can handle the entire project or work with “experts” of your choice.

Customized, Researched Guides – Our Your Guide to Wellness with Stomach Cancer resulted from a collaboration between between Viver, subject expert, Brian E. Lacy, PhD, MD, Professor of Medicine and Chief of the Section of Gastroenterology at Dartmouth’s Geisel School of Medicine, and Lilly, our sponsor for this Guide. The goal: to provide pertinent nutrition and wellness information to an underserved population – patients living with stomach cancer and their caregivers.

Mobile Apps – We work with some of the best app developers in the U.S.  Our guiding principle for app development is: keep it simple, and build in value for the user. That means understanding what the user wants and needs, and testing the apps we create thoroughly before release.

Speaking Engagements – As the founder of Viver, who turned her own research about foods that are medicine into a weapon to battle cancer, Vicki Barghout makes an effective, inspirational speaker in person or in a video.

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