Guide Your Patients to Healthy Nutrition with Viver Pocket Health Guides

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Viver is not a diet plan, or about counting calories and carbs. All our Viver Guides are grounded in evidence-based medicine. Our Guides – Your Guide to a Plant-based Diet, and Your Guide to Wellness with Stomach Cancer – are essential ingredients of a smart health plan for people who want to stay healthy, fight chronic diseases, and prevent recurrence of disease.

Each Viver Guide is an aggregated digest of the best practices that promote sound nutrition, wellness, and support treatment for those in the grip of a chronic disease. Each easily digested guide speaks volumes about healthy eating and wellness. We literally distill the content of published medical research articles, books, internet research and patient interviews into easily readable formats. Regardless of the disease addressed, only evidence-based content finds its way into each Viver Guide and is approved by Viver's founder, Vicki Barghout and our team of leading medical experts. This information is invaluable in that it saves you hours of time from having to find the research on the internet or elsewhere on your own and the content can also can be trusted that you will not be missing anything. 

Show your patients the simple path to healthy nutrition with Viver.

The Anatomy of a Typical Viver Guide

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Compact – Eight total panels packed with information that is easily readable.

Splash-proof – Each Guide has a thick laminate to keep it long-lasting, tear-resistant, and splash-proof.

Portable – At about 5” wide x 8” high folded into 5 panels, Viver Guides are convenient to take along with you for reference.

Infographics – Telegraph key points.

Illustrations – Tips are illustrated with infographics for a quick read, and distilled complex subjects into easily understood formats.

5 Simple Steps – Each Viver Guide is divided into five easily digested steps.  Steps can vary per Guide.

Nutrition – Sound evidence-based nutrition is a common element in all Viver Guides, although the tips can vary per disease state. 

Brandable – All of our Guides – as well as our digital content – can carry a sponsor’s brand.

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Your Guide to a Plant-based Diet: 5 Simple Steps to Reduce Your Risk for Chronic Disease