5 stories we’re following


Here at Viver we’re actively trying to find out what stories are trending and making an impact in nutrition and healthy living. Here are some stories we’re following the week of November, 2015.


  1. The 4 most confusing things about sugar
    For years, experts have been saying that eating too much of any food can up your diabetes risk because overeating leads to obesity, which is the real culprit behind skyrocketing rates of the disease.

  2. What happens when you go without sugar for 10 days?
    By cutting back sugar for your kids, you can see dramatic improvements in just 10 days.

  3. Red meat and cancer: 6 expert nutrition tips
    Sound advice on how to deal with the meat news from nutritional therapist, Catherine Burns.

  4. Young women less likely to be counseled on ways to preserve their fertility before treatment
    Study finds young male cancer patients twice as likely to be counseled on preserving fertility

  5. What women need to know about dense breast tissue and cancer
    40% of women have dense breasts but many are never told that their type of breast tissue makes cancer harder to spot on a mammogram.