Empowerment Through
Health Education

Viver Pocket Health Guides empower you to reduce the risk of disease by integrating healthy food choices with good daily habits. The Viver Pocket Health Guides use a unique 5-simple-steps process to visually communicate all the information you need to make essential decisions to lead a healthier lifestyle. Through concise and easy-to-understand photos, charts, and infographics, the Viver 5-simple-steps can help you succeed in reaching the goal of leading a life of wellness. Viver Pocket Health Guides are based on extensive scientific research and proven results, and have been endorsed by top health experts. They are water-resistant, tear-proof, and printed on recycled paper for portability. A portion of our proceeds go to nonprofit organizations that advocate health education.


Our story

After having gone through treatment for breast cancer, Vicki Barghout, Viver Health's founder, found a real need to establish a guide to assist through the process.

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Viver Digital

Viver Digital has the capability to reach and understand patients through digital means. This process helps larger companies understand their patients needs.


Healthy Recipes

Viver creates and produces healthy recipes to help its users lead a healthy lifestyle and follow the principles set forth in the 5-simple-steps process

Viver’s Reduce Your Risk of Cancer contains the MOST important information that I give to my patients, whether they have had cancer or are at risk for cancer. It is a scientifically-based 5-step plan for total nutrition presented as a concise, digestible guide. As a breast cancer surgeon and an integrative physician, I recommend that all women follow Viver’s 5-Step program to bring balance to their lives.”
— Dr. Beth Baughman DuPree MD, FACS, ABIHM Breast Cancer Surgeon, Vice President of Holy Redeemer Health System, Adjunct Assistant Professor of Surgery University of Pennsylvania

Wellness Blog

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What are essential fatty acids and why is it so important?

A diet rich in omega-3s stops inflammation and reduces the body’s overall burden of chronic inflammation. The importance of a healthy diet has gained relevance as scientists research the growing role of chronic inflammation in causing disease.

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Did you know the color of your pee is important to your well being?

Urine has been a useful tool of diagnosis since the early days of medicine. The color, density, quantity, and smell of urine can reveal much about the state of our health. You can use your body as a tool to gauge your inner wellbeing every time you pee.


How to avoid
sugar cravings?


We asked our health expert, Jodi Hutchinson, to break down the science, and explain how sugar affects our bodies. If you understand the science you can make educated choices about your health.

Vicki Barghout has created a fresh, new, and excellent nutrition resource: 
one that has never been seen before! The nutrition information contained
 within the Viver Pocket Health Guides are not only
 medically sound but also contemporary and extremely practical for today’s 
consumers. Furthermore, this resource has important and specialized 
information geared for anyone who also is dealing with cancer.”
— Dr. Samira Khera, MS, MD, FACS General Surgeon and Surgical Oncologist, Hudson NY